Friday, December 9, 2016

10 Months

Here we are at 10 months already. Rowan finally sprouted two teeth last month (bottom front). He's still not quite crawling. He gets in position but just can't seem to figure out how to move forward. He's taken a couple of 'steps' but when he wants to go somewhere 'fast' he army crawls and has become quite well versed at dragging himself along the floor. He loves yogurt melts, puffs, and Ritz crackers. I tried him on 3rd foods but doesn't like the chunks in the food and spits it out. I just started him on a sippy cup too and he thinks that's quite fun. He's still the biggest flirt and delights everyone at the store with his big smile. I always get lots of compliments from whoever is standing behind me in line and from the cashiers. We took him out to dinner with us tonight while Viv was at her PJ/pizza party and he smiled at everyone sitting across from us prompting one guy to come over to us and comment on him. He said his kids are in their 30's and live across the country...and we should enjoy this time in our lives with him cause it goes by so fast. It definitely has with Rowan! We love hearing him laugh...he's still got the best little baby belly laugh. He loves to be tickled. He still loves his one on one time and loves to be sung too. I think he really enjoys his Kindermusik class. He still loves to play with my face and his new thing is sticking his fingers in my mouth. That is just so fun (for him)! Viv is still in love with him and he thinks she's pretty great too...he laughs at her antics and doesn't fuss when she tackles him. He has started to touch her toys and she doesn't particularly like that...but otherwise he's her favorite person. If he touches her toys she immediately moves them and then wags her finger at him and says 'no, no, baby, no touch!' It's really quite hilarious. 

We've loved watching you grow Rowan! 


Lordy, Lordy, look who's 40!! That's how the saying goes, right? Yep, I turned the big 4-0 a couple of weeks ago. Nathan did a great job helping me celebrate. On my actual birthday he actually took the day off and watched the kids and sent me for a massage! And...he lined up a babysitter and we went out to nice dinner and even had flowers at the table. It was indeed very relaxing. The next day....well, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off...and didn't even have time to grab a shower. all know what I'm talking about.

 I had lined up drinks with friends a few weeks back to celebrate my birthday and to celebrate Natalie's jury trial being over...but of course that morning Viv woke up with a fever and we ended up keeping her home from school. We also stupidly just tried to transition her to a 'big girl bed' and it wasn't going very well. We were all exhausted. I also took over teaching some dance classes for one of our teachers who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. So....that morning we frantically called my parents to see if they could come up and help since Viv was home sick from school. Luckily my dad was dropping off my aunt and uncle at the he was in the area. He came up and sat with Vivian so Nathan and I could get our stuff accomplished. I texted my friends and said I probably wouldn't be able to make drinks but I'd check with Nathan. I had kind of thought maybe he would try and surprise me with a party a few weeks ago when we set up the drink date. We had all communicated over Facebook messenger and one girl had asked 'I thought that was supposed to be a surprise!?!' They all played it off and so I didn't really give it too much thought. I texted Nathan in the afternoon to feel him out about still keeping my 'date'. Amazingly, he said to go on and go, that he had everything covered. So I finished up my stuff and headed home to see everyone before I had to leave again. 

As I was getting ready to leave the house, I was trying to get Viv wrangled and go back upstairs with Dad and Rowan. She suddenly wanted to play in Rowan's room. (The doorbell had also recently rang and luckily there was a package at the door that Nathan brought to me). So I'm standing in the doorway of Rowan's room trying to get Viv to go in the playroom...and she says 'Someone's hiding behind the door'. I said 'what?'...and she repeated it in her toddler garble 'someone's hiding behind the door'...she didn't seem upset or I thought surely she was making it I looked! And screamed! And scared the person who was in fact standing behind the door!!!! She had an equally scared look on her face and said 'I'm the babysitter!!!' I caught my breath and said...'I take it I'm not supposed to find you!' She said, 'No! Come on!' and we both went into the play room. We walked into a shocked look on my Dad's face...and he said 'you weren't supposed to find her! I guess you'd better act surprised!'  So...the cat was out of the bag...and I went to the restaurant. I briefly thought about changing my clothes but honestly, I was too exhausted to even worry about it.

So, I walked into Cibo and none of my friends were there yet (I was actually early for a change). I sat down at the bar...and the bartender asked me if I was here for the party....I said, 'yes...sort of, I guess.' Not too long after I sat down, three of my friends walked in...saw me....and got a look of panic on their faces. I said...'it's ok, I know...go on to the party room'. And then another three friends walked in...and also got a panicked look on their faces...I hid behind the menu and told them I hadn't seen them. Soon Nathan walked out and got me...he acted a bit defeated but I think he was glad it was was a great night (aside from that I hadn't gotten to shower that day!) I was honored so many people came out on a cold, dreary Wednesday night. When we got home, I took a picture with Sarah...the babysitter. Our 'encounter' was also the first time I'd met her...our regular sitter wasn't able to make it on Wednesday night so she asked one of her sorority sisters to fill in. I'm grateful as Sarah is a hopefully she'll be around for awhile! We will enjoy telling Vivian the story of how she 'ruined' my surprise 40th party for a long time! 

Cheers to 40!! 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

3 years

Vivian turned 3 this past week. We had a party with my parents and Gma Jean on her actual birthday. I think she was say the least. 

She did well blowing out her candle.

She had fun opening up her presents. 

We were invited to school to watch her walk around the sun 3 times. We brought a snack and bubbles as party favors. Both GG Hein and GG Mangold came to her party at school. We read one of her favorite books 'Green Eggs and Ham' to the class. 

Nathan and I bought her a Beta fish for her birthday. She loves it! We call it Mr. Fish right now...I've asked her many times what she wants to name it and she just gets this blank look on her I'm not sure she gets that she can pick out a name for the fish. We gave her the fish tank and accessories to open and then took her to the pet store to pick out the fish. He's really quite pretty, a very vibrant red. 

She loves to stand and watch him and of course feed him. 

After a few days of having him I came upstairs to find that she had filled his tank with a variety of items from my desk drawer. Markers, push pins, paper clips and toy parts. 

We had her party at Lowe Park again this year. Finding Dory was her theme...her cookies turned out really cute! 

We had salad and pizza again this year. 

Our distinguished guests. 

Her reaction to 'Happy birthday'

Ryker had to help her blow out the candles...

Serving up the ice cream. 

More presents to open.

Playing with her pony rug and her Little People Noah's Ark. I think on this ark horses were over represented. 

Rowan napped through a lot of the festivities. 

Looking forward to another great year!