Thursday, February 16, 2017

1st year pictures

Rowan Monthly Flashback

12 months

It's official! We have a 12 month old. His official stats from his 1 year well check were height 30.5 inches (75%), weight 22# 9 oz (70%), head circumference 45.8 cm (45%). Not much else has changed...his personality continues to be happy and sweet. He's working on 4 top teeth. His nose continues to run constantly and he's liking his new food choices in the way of finger foods. Vivian still loves to entertain him and tackle him. He's not walking but cruises around whenever Viv hasn't pulled him to the floor. We are celebrating his birthday after we get home from Florida. He's well into size 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers. 

I can still hear him...

He was taken too soon. I suddenly lost my beloved little friend three weeks ago. I didn't even know he was sick. Life has been chaotic...not surprising with a 1 year old and 3 year old around. Rooms have had to be gated off and doors shut and so there wasn't as much Wrigley time as there used to be. He was always in the thick of things....although, I wasn't ever sure he really enjoyed it. He had an anxious personality but amazingly took well to having the kids around. He always would stay just out of reach of their little grabbing hands. He was okay with them touching and petting him but he always needed a way out. He was always a mama's boy...and I loved him for that. He was the affectionate one and always had to be on your lap. 

He was a bit withdrawn on Tuesday but still never missed a meal. I heard him get up around 5 am Wednesday morning and head out into the kitchen. Nathan woke me up at 7:15 asking for help keeping Viv out of the accident that Wrigley had left in the kitchen while he cleaned it up. We went about our crazy morning getting everyone ready to head out the door. Wrigley never came out for breakfast. I figured he was hiding cause he'd had an accident in the was very unlike him to miss breakfast. I called him a few times...nothing. Nathan and I discussed that I'd take him to the clinic so we could run some tests on him (he'd had high liver values the last time he'd had bloodwork...which we chalked up to probably the onset of Cushing's). I went to grab him when I left the house to take Rowan to PDO (I was afraid I'd forget him) around 9:15 and he was dead underneath my side of the bed (his fave place to sleep). I was shocked and heartbroken. I didn't even know he was could I have missed it? Now I know it was hemangiosarcoma....the same thing that took Ruby but in a different way. It must have spread like wildfire in him. I hope he went peacefully and without any pain. I didn't get to be there when Ruby died and I so wanted to have that moment with Wrigley and hold him while we said goodbye. But I guess it wasn't meant to be. I miss him everyday. I still hear him...shake, sniff, drink, and sigh. He was only 9. 

Love you Wrigglepot. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

11 months

11 months sure snuck up on me! With Viv's birthday in November, then Christmas, and then Rowan's 1st birthday quickly approaching this winter seems like it's moving at lightning speed...which is fine by me! Rowan continues to be the happiest little guy. He's currently getting his top two teeth and has been battling his 100th cold it seems like. He's had a goopy nose for the last two weeks...but otherwise seems to be feeling it's hard to tell if it's his teeth causing the issues or he is in fact sick. He did develop a little cough so I did take him to the doctor to get tested for RSV. He came up negative thankfully, but we went home with a nebulizer anyway. Naturally, the day after his appointment he seemed to be on the least his nose doesn't seem to be running as much as before. He's well into 18 month clothes and we've been stocking up for our upcoming trip to Florida next month. He's still in size 4 diapers and weighed 22# 7 oz at the doctor's office last week. He's eating 4 containers of baby food a day in addition to three 4 oz bottles and various 'toddler' food like puffs, yogurt melts, and crackers. A new study was just released stating that it's better for babies to be exposed to nuts earlier than 1 year old (as opposed to previous recommendations). So I mixed in some powered peanut butter into his yogurt today and so far so good! 

He is officially crawling and after he learned to crawl he immediately started pulling up on stuff. We frequently have to get after Viv to leave him alone as she knocks him over all the time. He's not cruising yet but loves to stand. I now have to pick up Wrigley's water bowl to keep him out of it. He loves to play with his bowls and makes a beeline for them whenever I put him on the floor. He's discovered a few new sounds, one being rolling his 'R's'. He sounds like a little motor boat and also uses this sound when he gets upset and fusses....but it's much more high pitched when he's upset. He takes one solid nap in the afternoon usually anywhere from 1 pm to 4 pm. Sometimes I will lay him down in the morning too but most of the time we are in the car running errands so he will take a short nap in the carseat. 

He continues to be a joy! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

New Years Eve

Once again we conned my parents into babysitting for us on NYE. My college friend and sorority sister, Duce (her college nickname still sticks!) called us up and wanted to know if we would want to join them in the Kellogg's suite for a NYE Bulls game. Sure! Fred Holberg (old ISU coach/player/legend) is currently the Bulls head coach....however, they aren't doing so well. So we made the drive over to Chicago. The view from our hotel room. 

Nathan and I both experienced our first Uber ride. The guy who drove us to the game was very nice, however, our ride back was a bit more scary! Our view from our seats in the suite. It was very nice! All the food and drink you wanted...we even caught a t-shirt. 

After halftime the sweets cart came around. There were all kinds of cakes and could even take a shot of chocolate liquor. I brought some Bulls cookies home for Mom, Dad, and the kids. 

The Bulls game was over by 9 or so...they played and lost to the Milwaukee Bucks. I'm afraid that Fred is going to be without a job come this spring! We had purchased standing room only tickets at Howl at the Moon....a local dueling piano bar. It was really fun! We had more appetizers, 3 'free' drinks and a champagne toast at midnight. 

The best part was we were within walking distance to our hotel. I'm not gonna lie...I was ready to go to bed by 12:01! 

The next morning Nathan and I walked to Michigan Avenue and over the river. I was sore the next day...I had shin splints from all the walking and my feet hurt from standing/dancing. 40 is rough! 

Here's to 2017! Make it a great year!