Friday, September 1, 2017

Back to School

School started!! Yahoo!! 

Captiva Island

We recently spent a week on Captiva Island in Florida. We rented a house and took both sets of grandparents. The flights were horrible traveling with small children...especially on the way home. But the vacation itself was fun! Vivian is already asking to go back! 

The Bird of Paradise

We had our own pool which was nice. It was very refreshing after a hot walk back from the beach. 

Rowan even liked it...and finally got used to his water wings! 

We tried recreating their sunset didn't go as well as the first few times! 

They found an injured sea gull...looked like it had a broken wing. Viv was very concerned. 

Mark napping on the beach...

The mornings were super calm and cool on the beach...the water looked like a lake. 

Rowan loved the beach shower...

We found lots of cool shells...

We walked over to the marina every night to see the manatees...

We had gorgeous sunsets! 

We went to see the crab races...we apparently all picked slow crabs. No one won from our party. 

Celebrating 15 years of wedded bliss! 

Haven't seen our professional pictures yet...but love the proof! 

18 months

This young man is 18 months old already. He's busy, busy, busy all the time and loves to absolutely destroy my house. He eats almost anything and is wearing 24 mo to 2T clothes. He's not so much into water as his sister but got used to it when we were in Florida. He's opposed to wearing anything 'extra'...won't wear hats, glasses, and absolutely hates his water wings or life jacket. I even tried a pair of snow boots on him today and he threw a huge fit! His temper tantrums are starting and he's definitely found his voice. He's still pretty happy most of the time. He's definitely a mama's boy...except when either of his Papas are around...then he's a man's man. He started his montessori program last week and he cries at drop off but seems to be enjoying himself otherwise. He's still in size 4 diapers and size 5 shoes (Viv only wears size 7 shoes now!!) He loves his sister and she loves him too...but still picks on him incessantly. They are constantly rolling around on the floor together. He's got a variety of words...he can say 'mommy', 'daddy', 'milk', 'book' and I think he's been asking 'what's that?' He can also make a variety of animal noises and loves to roar like a lion if he sees a picture of one. He's still a little cuddle bug and LOVES to sit on your lap and read books. He also loves to swing...the swing set is one of the first places he heads for in the back yard. Rowan lights up our world! 

Lake Cornelia

We visited Lake Cornelia again this year....and again, it was cold. We even moved our week up a little hoping we'd get better least it didn't rain! We had fun anyway. 

Viv loves to ride on the boat...she asks for a ride a couple of times a day. 

Rowan threw a fit every. time. we went to put on his life jacket...he hates the life jacket! Except I got him to smile in this picture! 

Dad was the only one who got in the water...and only cause he went looking for my phone after I dropped it in the drink! It was fully submerged for about 5 minutes and miraculously when he found it, it still worked! I was amazed! 

Viv loved fishing...except she wouldn't touch the worm...

...and when she actually caught a fish...she ran away from it! 

Gma and Rowan weren't so lucky. 

Dad's crazy hat...

These two loved blowing the horn on the boat...they'd punch the button and laugh! 

We made our annual trek to the Rowan sign...Rowan didn't want to hold still for his picture this year! 

Visiting the family farm...

...and the Rowan cemetery to see pretty much where the entire Rietz family is buried. 

...until next year!